Meet Sally

Dr. Sally Letsinger is owner and principal researcher of GeodataBasics, LLC in Bloomington, Indiana, a small geographic information systems (GIS) consulting company. She also holds positions at Indiana University (IU), where she is a research hydrogeologist in the Center for Geospatial Data Analysis at the Indiana Geological Survey and an adjunct assistant professor in the IU Department of Geological Sciences.

Dr. Letsinger has over 19 years of professional experience in applying an interdisciplinary background and analytical skills to a wide range of natural-resource issues. She has both managed and provided the primary technical work on many projects over the years in the areas of using coupled GIS and numerical hydrologic modeling (both groundwater and surface water) to guide prioritization of best management practices or to delineate source-water protection areas; identifying remediation approaches in abandoned surface (coal) minelands by examination of disturbed-land hydrology; recharge-discharge area mapping; and determination of wetland hydrologic function for restoration or mitigation banking.

You might as well meet Kirin, too

Kirin is a rescue dog from the Monroe County (Indiana) Humane Association Shelter, who joined Sally's family in 2004. He accompanies her most everywhere, and also has a keen sense of spatial relationships (or at least is always pretty sure where Sally is). When attending meetings with her, he'll usually give you a sniff, assess the liklihood that you'll give him a cracker, and then lie at Sally's feet for the duration.